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Please remember: You need not walk alone; we are the compassionate friends.

Join us in Steering

If you or any of your family member lost a child, sibling or grandchild, we are sorry that you happened to find our company. But you are in right place to find caring friendship.

At our Pittsburgh chapter of ‘The Compassionate Friends’, we are all working on voluntary basis. Each member is bereaved parent, grandparent, or sibling. We find some solace, warmth and comfort here in the compassionate
friendship especially in the initial years of grieving and healing.

We request you to try us. We welcome you to attend, at-least, three monthly meetings, our support sessions, and lectures.

Talk to any of our members; you may find a shoulder to cry and a hug; what you say or do in grief, here, does not get out of our hearts.

This website is only a pointer to our various facilities. We know that you may not find healing from a website, but in our compassionate friendship. We try to provide you different avenues to grieve and heal. Some of you may like
monthly meetings with lectures and group sessions, In-house library and chance to meet other members with similar grief. We welcome you to explore our website and find the help you need.

If you happen to visit this site, you are welcome to refer this site to any of your friends in need in Allegheny county.

There are various support groups across the country. ‘The Compassionate Friends’ has many chapters in USA and other countries. We do hope that you find a helping hand in us.

If you like to be member, you have to be a bereaved parent, sibling or grandparent; the signup will give you login only in public role and not in member role. Members only can visit some exclusive pages.

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For info on next monthly meeting,please contact (412)835-1105.